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Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2010
Target Corporation

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Minneapolis, MN

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About Target Corporation

At Target, we provide a convenient one-stop shopping solution for our guests with an assortment including food, commodities, home furnishings, electronics, sporting goods, toys and apparel and accessories. We operate 1,740 stores and 38 distribution facilities in 49 states. In addition, is the third most-visited retail Web site worldwide with more than 25 million unique visitors each month. Our commitment to offering affordable and accessible design sets us apart from our competition. We develop exclusive partnerships with internationally recognized and up-and-coming designers.

We believe that smart, affordable design should be part of everybody's life. People want to work, and stay, at Target because of our great culture, our engaging brand, growth potential and because of our reputation for doing the right thing.

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What employees say

“I love what Target stand for and how we value people and how business is done, just as much as the results. I've worked for companies big and small... by far Target is the best place I've worked. The team I work with is phenomenal and is the reason I most love what I do.”
“College degree has been a great base but the internal training I received through my workplace has been the key to success for me. ”
“I enjoying working for a company that has high ethical standards, treats team members with respect, balances professional development with business needs, and contributes to the community both financially and with volunteerism. ”
“The LMS courses have been helpful to understand this large corporation. ”
“The cross functional partnership that everyone brings to the table. There is a strong focus on what is best for the company/customer/team and not what is best for "individual areas". ”
“The meetings they have to keep team members informed about what the company is doing. Also, the weekly and daily notices are important that tell us what's happening in our company.”
“The strong values of Target mirror my personal values (act with integrity, support the community, strive to be better individuals and leaders, etc.). I am proud to work for Target!”
“I have a great manager working in the great city of Minneapolis with flexibility for work/life balance.”
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