Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2012

Employees in region:
Advertising & Marketing
HQ location:
Minneapolis, MN

Top Workplaces
’11, ’12

About Olson

We believe connection is all that counts. The philosophy, creativity and science of our business are devoted to building and activating communities for some of the world's most coveted brands. We know that the companies most connected to their communities today are the ones that will thrive in the marketplace of tomorrow. Services include advertising, strategy, social engagement, interacive, mobile, 1:1, media, design and public relations.

What employees say

“I am trusted to deliver the best product/service that I can. My opinion counts.”
“I feel valued. My opinion matters. It's a fun workplace.”
“I work for an innovative company that celebrates accomplishments and learns from past experiences. My ideas are appreciated and I am encouraged. I work among the brightest and best in the industry!”
“Everyone is just so positive. There's excitement everywhere. People love what they do.”
“People are polite, smart and helpful. Management engages all employees in many levels of decision-making. Work/life balance is key and supported.”
“By hiring really talented people who are great collaborators and brilliant at their respective jobs.”
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