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Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2011
Edina Realty Home Services

Employees in region:
Real Estate
HQ location:
Edina, MN

Top Workplace

About Edina Realty Home Services

What employees say

“The people I work with are very nice and very helpful. The environment is great. Since I am part time I have a flexible schedule, which I really like.”
“The people that I work with are amazing! They are very understanding and helpful. I've worked here for 8 years and nothing has given me a reason to leave yet, nor do I plan on it.”
“We're made to feel we are all part of a team effort and that everyone is important. I feel very much appreciated by manager, staff, and agents.”
“The people I work with are awesome, both at the local office and at the corporate level.”
Where to find Edina Realty Home Services